The National Exchange for Weight Loss Resistance is not only a lively community where you can exchange your story and information, but also a registry with the purpose to research and better understand why some of us cannot lose weight.

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Help us to better understand this condition! The NEWLR registry has been developed to indetify and investigate the characteristics of individuals who can not lose weight.

The NEWLR Registry

The National Exchange for Weight Loss Resistance Registry is a database that will be used as part of our research. The registry seeks to gather information from people who have tried repeatedly but unsuccessfully to lose weight. Our intent is to better understand this condition.

How it works

The registry is designed for anyone 18 years of age or older who finds hard to lose weight despite repeated dieting attempts and regular physical exercising.

People who enroll in the registry will be asked to complete a questionnaire about their health, their weight history, and the weight loss strategies they have tried.

The data that we collect will be used for research purposes only in order to identify and investigate the characteristics of individuals with weight loss resistance.

People who enroll will be also asked to sign a consent form for the use of their personal data.

All personal information that you give will be kept confidential and will be shared only with your permission or as required by U.S. or State law. There is no cost to join the registry and compensation is not provided.

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